Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome receive a standing ovation at The National Speakers Conference which was Hosted by Speaker William J. Howell and was held at The Commonwealth Club in Richmond VA.



The National Speakers Conference (NSC) was established in 1992 to represent the interests of all Speakers of the House and their chiefs of staff. In 1994, the Speakers voted to affiliate with the State Legislative Leaders Foundation thus insuring their continued growth under the umbrella of the longest serving nonpartisan leadership organization in America.

From the start, the NSC has focused on bringing Speakers together to discuss issues of common interest by promoting the open exchange of ideas and information through its various programs and publications. The hallmark of the NSC is its ability to rise above partisan politics and focus instead on the important job of being the Speaker. 

The value of this organization to all Speakers, and to all who participate in its annual activities, cannot be over-estimated and the friendships that have been forged, often between men and women of markedly different political philosophies, are a lasting testament to the vibrancy and excellence of this organization.

The NSC annual meeting, the flagship event of the National Speakers Conference, customarily attracts over two-thirds of all sitting Speakers of the House, making it the single largest gathering of presiding officers in the nation. 

Governance of the NSC rests with an Executive Committee made up of voting members who are sitting Speakers and ex officio, non-voting members, most of whom have served as past Presidents of the organization. The President of the NSC is elected by the Executive Committee for a term of one year. The President’s chief responsibilities are to organize and supervise the annual meeting, appoint members to serve on the Executive Committee, and serve as its chair.


"We consider it a honor to have been selected to be part of the 2014 National Speakers Conference".

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